Prediction for Svidler-Topalov game in round 5 of Candidates 2014 (by GM Alexander Delchev)

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After Svidler missed his chance against Kramnik, yesterday he was punished by Aronian. Has he lost his confidence after that? Or will he take revenge on Topalov, who is still looking for his first victory?

The fight between them is always very tense. In 2013 both games where Svidler had white pieces finished draw. In a 21-category Norway chess tournament Svidler opened with 1.e4 but escaped from a theoretical battle in Sicilian with the modest Bb5+.

Only a couple of weeks later they played in Thessaloniki Fide GP where the opening was a classical Queen gambit declined. This time Svidler entered in a theoretical dispute and after an exchange combination managed to achieve a better endgame. Shortly afterwards he committed a slight error and the draw again was inevitable.

If Svidler repeats his 1.c4 like against Kramnik in the third round, then Topalov will surely respond with his main repertoire - the reversed dragon. In his round 4 game against Karjakin, where white adopted a classical treatment, Topalov got a good position and soon even looked for more than an equality.}

1. c4 e5 *

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Previous Candidates Tournaments: 2013 | 2011

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