Prediction for Anand-Kramnik game in round 4 of Candidates 2014 (by GM Alexander Delchev)

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Today's game Anand-Kramnik is going to be a tough exam for Kramnik. It seems that in 2008 in his preparation for the championship match between them Anand managed to find the key to him. I found out that Kramnik never won with black against Anand in a classical game. The margin between them is the overwhelming +6 for Anand who is now in a great shape and is a sole leader in the tournament with 2.5/3 Kramnik is still in his footsteps with 2/3 after the miraculous escape against Svidler in the previous round.

What first move will choose Anand for this important game?

A win today will seriously increase his chances to meet Carlsen again in a match revenge. Kramnik had problems equalizing against Svidler so Anand could try 1.c4 because Kramink probably did not have time to repair. Anand used often this trick in previous tournaments. But the most probable first move is 1.e4.

In Zurich 2013 he defeated Kramnik in his beloved Berlin (Anand-Kramnik, Zurich 2013, round 6) and in Anand-Kramnik, Corus, 2010 Kramnik did not succeed - in his other drawing speciality - Berlin defence. Besides it brought him victory in the first round against Aronian - (Anand-Aronian, Candidates 2014, round 1).

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Previous Candidates Tournaments: 2013 | 2011

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