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Currently the automated computer analysis on ChessBomb uses the so-called MultiPV mode. This means that multiple principal variations are explored and shown, in our case the 4 best ones.

It has been proposed, and we are seriously considering it, to switch to SinglePV mode - i.e. only exploring and showing the single best principal variation according to the engine. Since this ultimately affects you, our visitors, we are leaving the decision in your hands, via the poll below. Here is a brief summary of the advantages and disadvantages of both options:

SinglePV advantages:
  • Engines are much stronger in SinglePV mode than in MultiPV mode. This is because they don't waste time exploring suboptimal positions, and also because some powerful optimizations are only enabled in SinglePV mode (e.g. aspiration windows). And when we say "much stronger", we really do mean "much". According to our internal testing, Stockfish 1.9.1 in SinglePV mode is about 230 Elo points stronger than in MultiPV=4 mode.
  • For people who are new to computer chess, having more than one variation is confusing. They will often start arguing that the engine is useless because it shows bad moves, which usually sends our blood pressure through the roof :)
  • A single analysis line occupies less screen space than four. More room for the chat box, yay!
MultiPV advantages:
  • Having analysis for more than one move is useful. For example, it's common to ask yourself "why not move X here?", and when X is among the 4 best moves, you get that answer.
  • Sometimes you can feel smarter than the engine.

Vote here and help us decide: