New chat rules

We restricted access to the chat. Now everyone can view it, but only registered members can post messages. We will use this oportunity to also establish some rules for the chat:

- Respect others. ChessBomb has multinational audience, and different people may root for different players.

- No insults. No swearing. No profanity.

- The official language of the chat is English. Occasionally posting in another language is fine, but don't overdo it.

We don't have real-time moderation yet, but will ban accounts from the chat for repeatedly violating these rules.

P.S. The bug which caused the chat to lag (and also slow the rest of the site) should hopefully be fixed now.


Nanjing Pearl Spring 2009

The very strong Nanjing Pearl Spring 2009 tournament starts today.

The list of participants:
  • Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria) - ELO 2813
  • Magnus Carlsen (Norway) - ELO 2772
  • Peter Leko (Hungary) - ELO 2762
  • Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan) - ELO 2757
  • Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia) - ELO 2742
  • Wang Yue (China) - ELO 2736
The games start at 7:00 AM GMT each playing day. SuperGM Rybkovich will analyze them live on ChessBomb as usual.


Hello, Biel

The 42nd Biel Chess Festival starts today. Expect full broadcast coverage of the Grandmaster tournament on ChessBomb.

Many Improvements

We just rolled out a big update to ChessBomb's interface and infrastructure. Here are the highlights:
  • Stability should be much better. No more slowdowns, disconnects, or even total crashes. And we have plans to improve it even more drastically in the near future.
  • The Analysis panel now shows some metadata - the name of the analysing engine, the time it spent analysing, and the depth of the analysis.
  • A new Standings panel in the tournament/match rooms.
  • Several bugs and minor inconveniences were eradicated. But don't worry - to compensate this, we probably introduced a couple of new ones.


ChessBomb servers exploded

ChessBomb.com's servers were bombed yesterday during M-Tel Masters round 7. Lots of terrorists users attacked visited us simultaneously, several times more than we had prepared for. The enemy browsers were aided by a bug from one of our programmers, which caused a component of our XMPP service to eat all the RAM.

The guilty programmer will be punished with a 10-day vacation on the Black Sea coast. Meanwhile the issue is fixed, and we invite everybody to hit us again even harder =)


ChessBomb Wins Contest for "Coolest Use of the jQuery UI CSS Framework"


We want to thank all of our participants for the time they spent working on this. In the end, it was very close, but we found Chessbomb to be the most complete use of the framework classes along with nice layout and an interesting concept. We hope this contest helped get the word out about jQuery UI's new framework and perhaps we'll hold another contest at some point down the road.


Broadcasting Linares and Topalov-Kamsky

ChessBomb.com is broadcasting live the Linares 2009 chess tournament, as well as the Topalov-Kamsky 2009 World Chess Championship challenger match. Every game has realtime computer analysis by the Rybka engine.


Welcome to ChessBomb!