1st International Chess Open Amic Hotels 2015

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Photo: Organisers

The 1st International Open Chess Amic Hotels is held at Amic Horizonte hotel. The tournament is sponsored by the hotel group that joins the WinterChess program to promote chess and tourism.

In this first edition we have more than 80 players representing 16 countries, 10 of which have the title of Grandmaster, 11 International Masters and 7 FIDE Masters.

Moments before the start of the games, Marga LLABRES Amic Hotels Group, with the president of the FBE, Carles Vich, made the kick off in the first table with the Ukranian grandmaster Fedorchuk, No. 1 ranked player with 2650 FIDE elo points.

The director of the event is SebastiĆ  Nadal (FIDE).

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