World Chess Championship 2014: Live commentary on round 9

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ANAND-CARLSEN Sochi 2014 | Candidates 2014

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Our aim will be to provide LIVE commentary on most of the games between Anand and Carlsen in their fight for the title of World Champion.

Our commentator today is IM Tihomir Yanev.
Round 9: Carlsen - Anand
As we are approaching the final game, it looks like Carlsen has full control of the match, but it would be quite interesting if Anand (who is a great specialist in rapid chess) manages to level the score in the next few days. Today for some reason Anand avoided Sicilian (which might be his best effort to play a sharper position) and we'll most likely head into Ruy Lopez. Being a point ahead, Carlsen doesn't mind playing Berlin Defence again. Last time he played a "risk-free" position and he hopes for the same scenario today... See more

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