GM Alexander Delchev comments LIVE round 7 of Anand-Carlsen 2014

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Our aim is to provide LIVE commentary on most of the games between Anand and Carlsen in their fight for the title of World Champion. Our distinguished commentator GM Alexander Delchev provides live commentary on the game in round 7.

Photo by Vladimir Barsky (Official Website)

Round 7: Carlsen - Anand
Second part of the match. Anand has black pieces again and he had only one rest day to recover from his painful loss in game 6. Would he repeat Sicilian Kan, or will he opt for something more solid? Anand repeats Berlin - he played it in the second game of the match where he was very close to complete equality. Carlsen agrees to get the Main line - an extremely complicated endgame - where black has damaged pawn structure and his king is stuck in the centre, but having a strong bishop pair in open position... See more

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