Live commentary of round 8 of World Chess Championship

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Our aim is to provide LIVE commentary on most of the games between Anand and Carlsen in their fight for the title of World Champion. Our distinguished commentator GM Alexander Delchev provided live commentary on the game in round 4.

Photo by Vladimir Barsky (Official Website)

Round 8: Anand - Carlsen
In yesterday's game Anand survived in an endgame with four pawns and a rook against rook, knight and two pawns. His defence was not at all easy having in mind that the swap of the rooks was in not in his favour. Finally he managed to save it after more than 120 moves which means that he must be a bit tired today. I hope he has enough resources to get back on track and show some fighting spirit. Yesterday's game witnessed a high theoretical clash between analytical teams and in my opinion Carlsen's team prevailed in this competition. For the first 25 moves they repeated an already well known game and only a couple of moves later Anand experienced problems. Then he decided to sac his bishop for white connected pawns hoping to save the resulting endgame. ... See more

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