Norwegian Team Championship 2017

The Norwegian team championship is held in Kristiansund, Norway from 20th till 22nd of October 2017.
It is played as a team-Monrad over six rounds with everyone in a group. The teams consist of four players, and it is allowed to bring up to four reserves (a total of eight players).
Time comntrol: 90 minutes on 40 moves, then 30 minutes to end the party.
Team Points count first. If more teams have equal number of team points, the order is determined by individual points, then mutual settlement.

Official website

Schedule: GMT + 2
Round 1: Friday 20 October 19:00
Round 2: Saturday 21 October at 09:00
Round 3:  Saturday 21 October at 13:30
Round 4:  Saturday 21 October at 18:00
Round 5:  Sunday 22 October at 09:00
Round 6:  Sunday 22 October at 13:00

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