Hastings Chess Congess 2018

The 93rd Hastings Masters is a 10 round Swiss tournament held in Hastings, UK from 28th December 2018 to 6th January 2019.
Grandmasters at Hastings:
  • GM Oleg Korneev - Russian who represents Spain has had first-place finishes in the Cappelle-la-Grande Open and the Chigorin Memorial in St Petersburg.
  • The Lithunian top GM Sarunas Sulskis is a past winner of the Guernsey International. 
  • GM Lasha Janjghava has represented Georgia in 4 Olympiads. 
  • The Croatian GM Bogdan Lalic who participated in over two and a half thousand games and lost less than 6% is considerd for one of the most solid players on the tournament. 
  • The Russian GM Alexander Cherniaev finished 1st equal in the Oslo Chess Festival 2018 and  in the Canadian Open 2018 in Quebec. 
  • Daniel Gormally represented England in the European Team and Olympiad tournaments. He has also finished in second place in the British Championship.
  • GM Simon Williams won the British Blitz Championship and the London Chess Classic Open. 
  • GM Keith Arkell  has won the European Senior Championship  ad has been English Champion.
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Schedule in UTC:
Round 1   2018/12/28 14:15
Round 2   2018/12/29 14:15
Round 3   2018/12/30 14:15
Round 4   2018/12/31 14:15
Round 5   2018/01/01 14:15
Round 6   2018/01/02 14:15
Round 7   2018/01/03 14:15
Round 8   2018/01/04 14:15
Round 9   2018/01/05 14:15
Round 10  2018/01/0 14:15

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