Unlocking the Grandmaster's Mind by GM Maxim Dlugy and RCA Team

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We would like to present the introduction video to the new course "Unlocking the Grandmaster's Mind" by the RCA Team together with GM Maxim Dlugy.

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Have you noticed, when a Grandmaster or a top player is commenting on their games during a press conference or in any video lesson, usually they show you tons of variations that could happen in various lines.

The variations they show you might not relate to the actual thinking process. Some of those variations are their own preparations, while some variations they will simply never show you - because it is their secret weapon which they hope to use in their next games.

The question remains open: how do GMs actually think?

Even if you have observed a couple of very interesting variations in the games of top players, still it doesn't exactly clarify how can you find such moves in your own game within a short amount of time.

Next, you may be wondering about this question. It’s hard to calculate long lines, but what about knowing the strategic and tactical motives but not knowing typical plans in different openings; what if you study them and apply them - shouldn't this clarify everything for you?

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The authors of this new course are GM Maxim Dlugy and the RCA team. The release date will be at the end of this month.

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