Australian Women Masters 2015: winners

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Organisers: Melbourne Chess Club, Australian Chess Federation, Asian Chess Federation

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Rounds 1-3
Round 4
Round 5
Rounds 6-8

Round 9

Round 9 finished with only a one win from WIM Narelle Szuveges. With all games coming to a close at 6pm, the closing ceremony began at 6.30pm. The prize winners were as follows: 1st WGM Julia Ryjanova Russia, 2nd WIM Heather Richards Australia and 3rd WFM Anita Stangl Germany.
The organisers wish to thank each and everyone for participating in the event and we do hope to see you again for the 2016 event.


You can find all photos of the event at the following page on facebook.

Final Standings

1Ryjanova, Julia831.5
2Richards, Heather S6.525.25
3Stangl, Anita, Dr.621.5
4Brokko, Margit4.519
Vahtra, Tuuli4.516.75
6Guo, Zhi Lin416.25
Anton, Sarah411.75
8Stones, Rebecca3.513
9Szuveges, Narelle38.75
10Quek, Shi Ning Kristine14.25