Australian Women Masters 2015: rounds 6-8

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Organisers: Melbourne Chess Club, Australian Chess Federation, Asian Chess Federation

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Rounds 1-3
Round 4
Round 5

Round 6

Round 6 saw 3 wins and 2 draws but not easy draws but fighting draws which is good for chess. With top seed and visiting WGM from Russia, Julia Ryjanova leading the tournament on 5.5/6, and Heather Richards in clear second on 4 points. The race is now on for second spot. Will Heather take clear second or will she be stopped? Could we see a slip up from Julia at the top in the next 3 rounds.

Round 7

Round 7 saw 5 victories which was the first for the tournament. Victories went to Stangl, Richards, Vahtra, Ryjanova and Brokko. The game of the round I think was the Stones v Ryjanova as Stones had a good chance to upset the top seed by almost providing checkmate.

Round 8

Round 8 has seen a tournament victory already with top seed and visiting WGM Julia Ryjanova winning the event with a round to spare. Congratulations on winning the event with a round to spare. The race is now on for second and third places. Round 9 looks to be exciting and let the battles begin for the final places.


You can find all photos of the event at the following page on facebook.

Standings after round 8

1Ryjanova, Julia7.525.5
2Richards, Heather S619.25
3Stones, Rebecca517
4Stangl, Anita, Dr.4.511.5
5Vahtra, Tuuli413.5
Brokko, Margit411.75
7Guo, Zhi Lin3.511.25
8Anton, Sarah2.54.75
9Szuveges, Narelle28.75
10Quek, Shi Ning Kristine13.75