Australian Women Masters 2015: round 5

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Organisers: Melbourne Chess Club, Australian Chess Federation, Asian Chess Federation

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Rounds 1-3
Round 4

Round 5

Round 5 saw some more long games but all hard fought. We saw the top seed, WGM Julia Ryjanova have a half point taken off her from second seed by rating, WIM Heather Richards. Sarah Anton had a win against Rebecca Stones and Zhi Lin Guo had a win against visiting German WFM, Anita Stangl. Also on a pleasing note for Kristine Quek, she is off the board with a draw against visiting WFM from Estonia, Margit Brokko. Here is the round 5 games for the event.


You can find all photo’s of the event at the following page on facebook.

Standings after round 5

1Ryjanova, Julia4.59.25
2Richards, Heather S3.58.5
Stones, Rebecca3.56.25
4Brokko, Margit35.75
5Guo, Zhi Lin2.55.25
Anton, Sarah2.53.25
7Vahtra, Tuuli24.25
8Szuveges, Narelle1.54.5
Stangl, Anita, Dr.1.51.5
10Quek, Shi Ning Kristine0.51.