Basel Chess Festival 2015 - Bulletin of round 1

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The first round of Basel Chess Festival 2015 was held today at Hotel Hilton. It is still unclear where the tournament will be held in 2016. We as organizers strive to provide an adequate replacement, but until now we still have no new venue in view. The festival this year is attended by many young players, among who the world number 1 junior Richard Rapport. There was a surprise on board 10 where the Romanian-born WIM Ligia-Letitia Jicman was able to defeat the Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic from Serbia.

The results of the 1st round:
Master Tournament
Curien - Naiditsch 0-1,
Rapport - Bhend 1-0,
Guttulsrud - Iturizaga draw,
Delchev - Steel 1-0,
Andersen-Pelletier 0-1,
Goettelmann - Van Forees Jordan 0-1,
Pavlovic - Jicman 0-1 ...

Amateur Tournament
Nyffenegger - Williams 1-0,
Ruh - Lehnert draw,
Vorotnikova - Callet 1-0,
Fischer - Stefanov 0-1,
Van Foreest P. - Chervet 0-1,
Moench - Fleury draw ...
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If you need pictures, please contact our photographer Uwe Zinke (uwe.zinke@schachfestivalbasel.ch).
Yours sincerely, Nadja Zanetti

(Translated by Chessbomb)