Basel Chess Festival 2015 - Bulletins 2-3

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Bulletin from round 2

IM Heinz Wirthensohn comments on the current grandmaster games on the first 4 boards. The three-time Swiss champion Wirthensohn not only shares skilfully many ideas suitable for the amateur viewers, but also draws from his great store of knowledge, resulting in exciting stories about chess. The live analysis is open and free for all.

In the Swiss duel between Yannick Pelletier and Fabrizio Patuzzo the outcome was unclear for a long time. After the time pressure, Yannick Pelletier managed to play out an advantage in the endgame. Full Time 1-0.

The results of the 2nd round:

Master Tournament

Naiditsch - Toth 1-0,

Reinhard - Rapport 0-1,

Shvayger - Delchev 0-1,

Pelletier - Patuzzo 1-0,

Colmenares - Bok 0-1,

Donchenko - Van Foreest 1-0,

Vulević - Svane 0- 1, ...

Amateur Tournament

Ferrari - Nyffenegger 0-1,

Hyoetylae - Vorotnikova 0-1,

Stefanov - Muller 0-1,

Matt Mann - Brasøy 0-1,

Tillmann - Spielmann 1-0,

Chervet - Dill 1-0,

Jovanovic - Thode 1-0, ...

Bulletin from round 3

Today it was already time to mobilise forces. While in the second round favourites were able to prove their strength, in the third round Adriano Kaeppeli (Starting rank list 30) joined the leaders with 3/3 in the amateur tournament after beating Michael Nyffenegger. In the Master Tournament, the young Dutchman Jorden Van Foreest fought with the black and defeated Alexander Delchev (starting number 4).

The results of the 3rd round:

Master Tournament

Dourerassou - Naiditsch 0-1,

Rapport - F. Graf 1-0,

Delchev - Van Foreest J. 0-1,

Fedorovsky - Pelletier draw,

Bok - Loetscher 1-0,

Lerch - Donchenko 0-1 ...

Excerpt from the rankings:

1-5. Naiditsch, Rapport, Bok, Svane, J. Van Foreest, all with 3 points from the 3 rounds.

6. Donchenko with 3/3 but worse according to Buchholz system

7. Pelletier 2.5/3.

Outlook for the 4th Round

In tomorrow's 4th round, there comes an exciting duel of the "Chess princes" against the top favourites Naiditsch and Rappaport. While Svane with Black will be playing against Naiditsch, Donchenko will try to snatch from Rappaport a point with white. In addition, there will be a duel of Dutch Van Foreest Jorden and Benjamin Bok. Thus, we can see playing on the top 3 boards 5 juniors! The top Swiss player Yannick Pelletier has to prove himself against the woman grandmaster Djingarova.

Amateur Tournament

Nyffenegger - Kaeppeli 0-1,

Vorotnikova - Trifan draw,

Brasøy - Bojic 1-0,

Bachofner - Tillmann draw,

Amado-Blanco - Chervet 0-1,

Lenders - Long 0-1, ...

Excerpt from the rankings:

1. Meier 3/3,

2. Chervet Benoughidene 3/3 but with less Buchholz system,

4. Brasøy, Longe, Kaeppeli.

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Yours sincerely, Nadja Zanetti

(Translated by Chessbomb)