Karjakin in the lead - Norway Chess 2014, round 8

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Today we saw round 8 of Norway Chess 2014 (3-13 June 2014). GM Alexander Delchev has once again gladly provided commentary on one of the most interesting games of the day - Svidler-Carlsen (see game with commentary).

After defeating Kramnik in the 8th round, Karjakin is now in the lead with 5/8 points, followed closely by Caruana and Carlsen with 4.5/8 each. Agdestein had his first loss in the tournament today against Topalov. Tomorrow he is meeting his student Carlsen.

If two or more players share first place after the last round, there will be a blitz match between them to decide the tournament winner.

The final 9th round is tomorrow, Friday, 13th June, and it starts one hour earlier than usual - 14:30 Central European time.

Standings after round 8

# Name ELO Pts
1 Karjakin, Sergey 2770 5
2 Caruana, Fabiano 2783 4.5
3 Carlsen, Magnus 2882 4.5
4 Kramnik, Vladimir 2783 4
5 Grischuk, Alexander 2792 4
6 Topalov, Veselin 2772 4
7 Agdestein, Simen 2625 3.5
8 Giri, Anish 2746 3.5
9 Aronian, Levon 2815 3.5
10 Svidler, Peter 2753 3.5

Commentary by GM Alexander Delchev

Round 8

Svidler-Carlsen (½-½)
A game with unexpected end... see game with commentary

Round 2

Aronian-Karjakin (1-0)
Perfect game for Aronian and almost perfect for Karjakin who after only one little slip on 29th move, nearly lost the endgame. see game with commentary

Round 1

Aronian-Agdestein (½-½)
Tough positional game with very instructive exchange sacrifice. I think Agdestein had a great start at this event. With the advantage of playing at home surely he is able to show us more fine games like this one... see game with commentary

Grischuk-Caruana (0-1)
A disappointing outcome for Grischuk whose play was very resourceful. First, he sacrificed a piece transforming from a not so well looking opening position into a promising middlegame... see game with commentary

Pairings in final round 9

Round 9, Friday, June 13, 14.30 CEST
Magnus Carlsen – Simen Agdestein
Anish Giri – Peter Svidler
Vladimir Kramnik – Alexander Grischuk
Fabiano Caruana – Sergey Karjakin
Veselin Topalov – Levon Aronian

Watch Norway Chess 2014 live with computer analysis: Blitz | Classic

Previous tournaments: 2013

Norway Chess official website

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