Final and Decisive Round of the Candidates 2016

Today is the final round of the Candidates tournament. We are witnessing a great fight between Caruana and Karjakin for the first place and for the honour to become the next challenger to Magnus for the title of World Chess Champion! Only half a point behind them is the former World Champion Viswanathan Anand and if he wins, he can also 'have a say' in who the next challenger will be.
How will the tie-breaks work?
If either Karjakin or Caruana wins today, that player will win the tournament.
If Karjakin and Caruana draw, then we will need tie-breaks. The first tie-break rule is their head-to-head record, and with a draw they would have drawn both their games, so this is not decisive.
The second tie-break rule is the number of wins in the tournament, and there Karjakin wins with three games against Caruana's two won games.
Apparently, it is not that simple, because if Viswanathan Anand wins his game (against Peter Svidler), he will come into the tie-break pool as well.
So, of all three end up with the same score, the first tie-break rule, head-to-head record (Karjakin's record against both Caruana and Anand, Caruana's record against both Karjakin and Anand, and Anand's record against both Karjakin and Caruana), will give the first place to Caruana who has the best overall record against the other two.
So, there are two crucial games to follow today


1Caruana, Fabiano7.547.5
Karjakin, Sergey7.546
3Anand, Viswanathan743.25
4Giri, Anish6.543.5
Svidler, Peter6.541.75
Aronian, Levon6.540.75
Nakamura, Hikaru6.539
8Topalov, Veselin427.75


Candidates 2016: How to help us broadcast the games by submitting moves

Update: Submitting moves is not necessary. Thank you all for the support!

As explained in this post, ChessBomb will not use the official site of the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2016 because we don't accept or agree to their Terms and Conditions. This means we have to obtain the moves from other sources. First and foremost, we rely on volunteers to anonymously submit the moves to us. Here is how you can do that:
  1. Download and install the Tor Browser.
  2. Using the Tor Browser, visit this link: http://cbomb73x6akxqm6r.onion/
  3. Select a game, and send us any missing moves!
  4. Click Back, repeat step 3.
By using a Tor Hidden Service, we protect the anonymity of the volunteers. We don't know their IP addresses or locations, so we can't be compelled to reveal them.
Your support means everything to us. Thank you!