Tata Steel India Rapid Chess 2018

Tata Steel is one of the most prestigious chess tournaments with a long tradition since 1938 and traditionally attracts the top chess players from around the world.
The first TATA STEEL CHESS INDIA, RAPID & BLITZ tournament meets some of the world's strongest chess players and India's strongest players in Kolkata, India from 9th to 14th November 2018. It consist of a rapid tournament and a blitz tournament.
World's top players being titled as world number 2 in their career - Shakriyar Mamadeyarov, Levon Aronian, Wesley So, Hikaru Nakamura and the former world number 4 - Sergey Karjakin are challenging the Indian super talents - the five times world champion Vishy Anand, the second  and the third best Indian players - P. Harikrishnaand and Vidit Gujrathi and the chess hero GM SS Ganguly. The final slot in the Blitz goes to the world's second youngest grandmaster (after Karjakin) the thirteen year old R. Paraggnanandhaa and the tenth player in the Rapid section is the teenage sensation GM Nihal Sarin, just one year older than Praggu.

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Schedule:  (UTC)
Round 1    Nov 9, 2018    08:30 
Round 2    Nov 9, 2018    10:00 
Round 3    Nov 9, 2018    11:30 
Round 4    Nov 10, 2018    08:30 
Round 5    Nov 10, 2018    10:00 
Round 6    Nov 10, 2018    11:30 
Round 7    Nov 11, 2018    08:30 
Round 8    Nov 11, 2018    10:00 
Round 9    Nov 11, 2018    11:30

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