World Chess Armageddon Series 2019

Armageddon Series is taking place in Moscow from the 10th to 16th of June.
It is a double-elimination tournament. If a player loses he moves to the “losers-bracket” and faces other players in that bracket. If he wins all Matches, he plays the winner of the ‘Winners’ bracket in the final. If he loses one more match in the ‘losers’ bracket, he is eliminated from the tournament.

It features the following players: Vladimir Kramnik (Russia); Sergey Karjakin (Russia); Daniil Dubov (Russia); Teimur Radjabov (Azerbaijan); Ian Nepomnichtchi (Russia); Boris Gelfand (Israel); Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia);
Wei Yi (China)

Official site
The official broadcast is on worldchess.com.

Schedule in UTC:

On 10.06.2019 the first match will take place at 5p.m. It will contain two games of blitz and one armageddon game if needed.
The second match of the evening will be right after the first one.
Then on each day from 11.06.2019 until 16.06.2019 there will be the same configuration of matches (the first one starting at 5p.m. containing two sessions of blitz and one armageddon if needed and a second match starting right after the first one).

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