Tuesday Night Marathon 2019

The Mechanics' Tuesday Night Marathon (TNM) 2019 is 8 round tournament held from January 8th - February 26th in San Francisco, USA.

It has a rich tradition that dates back at least 30 years. The idea of playing serious chess one night a week has appealed to a broad range of players from Senior Master to beginner.
 In 1975 they played 12 rounds per tournament. Recently the Marathon switched to having sudden death for the second time control. It was probably the last tournament in the world to still feature adjourned games, the rest of the chess community having given up the practice years ago due to the rise in playing strength of computers.

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Round 1  08.01.2019
Round 2  15.01.2019
Round 3  22.01.2019
Round 4  29.01.2019
Round 5  05.02.2019
Round 6  12.02.2019
Round 7  19.02.2019
Round 8  26.02.2019

Tuesdays from 6:30pm - 10:30pm pacific standar time in San Francisco,CA United States

Game time is 2 hours and 5 seconds delay per player.

Watch the games of the Tuesday Night Marathon 2019 with computer analysis LIVE on ChessBomb.