Women’s Bundesliga 2018-2019

The Women’s Bundesliga 2019 (FBL) is taking place from October 27, 2018 to March 3, 2019 in Baden-Baden, Germany.
The twelve teams of the  are distributed to the venues Baden-Baden, Berlin and Bad Königshofen. The two leading teams meet in Baden-Baden. After four rounds in the FBL the OSG Baden-Baden team and the Hamburg SK team both has seven points after a draw against Bad Königshofen.

On 9th and 10th of February, the seventh and eighth rounds of the Women's Bundesliga are plaied. The Hamburger SK defended the lead in the table against rotation Pankow and Lehrte. The women of the Hamburger SK have the opportunity this season to win the women's Bundesliga for the first time. They have one point ahead of Schwäbisch Hall and Bad Königshofen and a rest program that speaks for them in comparison to the pursuers.

Time control: 90+30

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Schedule in UTC:

Round 1    Oct 27, 2018    13:00 
Round 2    Oct 28, 2018    08:00 
Round 3    Nov 17, 2018    13:00 
Round 4    Nov 18, 2018    08:00 
Round 5    Jan 12, 2019    13:00 
Round 6    Jan 13, 2019    08:00
Round 9    Feb 09, 2019    13:00
Round 10    Feb 10, 2019    08:00

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