Catalan Chess League 2019

The Catalan Chess League 2019 is part of the Catalan Open International Chess Circuit and is held  between 19th January to 30th March 2019. In the event nearly 4000 players, 550 teams and 200 clubs involved.
The Catalan Open International Chess Circuit is made up of a set of international tournaments that take place from April to September. It is organized by the Catalan Chess Federation  The 2018 edition has a total of 27 tournaments, plus two of the candidates. These 27 tournaments are divided into 13 classic rhythms and 14 active rhythms. All tournaments must meet a set of organizational requirements and sufficient financial resources to guarantee a high quality. An approximate total of 25,000 chess games will be played, some of which will be broadcast live on the Internet. Some 3,500 players from more than 50 different nationalities will participate. In addition to the awards of each tournament, the Catalan Chess Federation establishes a classification, based on the results achieved in the different

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Schedule in UTC:

Round 1 - 19th-January 15:30
Round 2 - 26th-January 15:30
Round 3 - 2nd-February 15:30
Round 4 - 9th-February 15:30
Round 5 - 16th-February 15:30
Round 6 - 23th-February 15:30
Round 7 - 2ny-March 15:30

16th-March, quarterfinals 15:30
23th-March, semifinals 15:30
30th-March, final 15:30

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