9th Andranik Margaryan Memorial

The  9th Andranik Margaryan Memorial  is 9 rounds round-robin tournament held at the Chess Academy of Armeniaa from 8th to 16th January 2019. The tournament is a FIDE category 8 event with the average Elo of 2444.6.
Seven tournaments - six youth swiss and one round robin are held within the memorial. Ten chess players are going to participate in the round robin tournament, among them 3 Grandmasters and 2 International Masters, 3 Fide Masters.  Among the participants of the tournament is Zurab Sturua, five-time champion of Georgia and trainer of Georgian women's national team.

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All rounds are at 11:00 UTC time expect the 9th which is at 7:00.

Watch the games of the 9th Andranik Margaryan Memorial with computer analysis LIVE on ChessBomb.