Eliseev Memorial 2017

The Eliseev Memorial is taking place in the Petrosian Club in Moscow from 15th till 25th of November 2017.
The tournament is in memory of Yurii Eliseev (1996-2016), a promising Russian player who tragically died last year at the age of 20. The organiser is Daniil Dubov, who also plays  in a 6-player round-robin together with five more grandmaster - friends of Yurii's. The second part of the tournament will have different players who are yet to be announced.

The time control is 90 minutes for the entire game, with a 30-second increment from move one. The games are not rated.

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Schedule (UTC)
Round 1    Nov 15, 2017    12:00 
Round 2    Nov 16, 2017    12:00 
Round 3    Nov 17, 2017    12:00 
Round 4    Nov 18, 2017    12:00 
Round 5    Nov 19, 2017    12:00 

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