Wesley So forfeited in round 9

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Wesley So was forfeited in round 9 after being reported by his opponent Akobian for illegally making notes during the game. According to the Chief arbiter Tony Rich, So has been warned earlier regarding the note taking, and So's notes were not chess-related but contained "general encouragement and advice to himself".

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The U.S. Chess Championship 2015 takes place in Saint Louis between 1st April and 13th April 2015.


1-Apr 1:00 PM Round 1
2-Apr 1:00 PM Round 2
3-Apr 1:00 PM Round 3
4-Apr 1:00 PM Round 4
5-Apr 1:00 PM Round 5
6-Apr 1:00 PM Rest Day
7-Apr 1:00 PM Round 6
8-Apr 1:00 PM Round 7
9-Apr 1:00 PM Round 8
10-Apr 1:00 PM Round 9
11-Apr 1:00 PM Round 10
12-Apr 1:00 PM Round 11

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