German Bundesliga 2017/2018

The Schachbundesliga season 2017/18 is held 21 and 22 October in Baden-Baden, Mülheim, Dresden and Berlin, Germany.

The Bundesliga is the world’s top chess league, and although the 16 teams compete for the German Championship it attracts the world’s best players.Schachbundesliga was founded by the German Chess Federation in 1973. In the 1974/75 season it started with four regional groups of eight teams. In the end, the four group leaders determined the champions. The present form of the Budesliga - group of 16 teams, started in 1980. Look back on the previous season on ChessBomb.

The teams play with each other over a season. Each team consists of 8 players from a starting list of 18. A match win earns two team points, while a draw wins one.
For the final standings the team points come first, followed by board points.

The season is split into seven weekend double rounds, starting on Saturdays at 2 pm and on Sundays at 10 am. The Bundesliga is plaied in four changing venues around Germany. The last three rounds will be played in Berlin.

Players receive 100 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 50 minutes for the rest of the game, plus 30-second increment starting from move one.

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Schedule: GMT+3

Round 1     Oct 21, 2017    15:15 
Round 2     Oct 22, 2017    11:15 

Round 3     Nov 11, 2017   15:15 
Round 4     Nov 12, 2017   11:15 

Round 5     Dec 09, 2017   15:15 
Round 6     Dec 10, 2017   11:15 

Round 7     Feb 03, 2018    15:15 
Round 8     Feb 04, 2018    11:15 
Round 9     Feb 24, 2018    15:15 
Round 10   Feb 25, 2018    11:15 

Round 11   Mar 10, 2018    15:15

From 21st October to 1st May 2018 in Baden-Baden were defending champions and top seeds.
The final weekend in Berlin  from 29th April to 1st May 2018  was part of the 150th birthday Celebrations of Emanuel Lasker.

The Bundesliga champion was decided in a match between Baden-Baden and Solingen. The teams tied on 27 points and participated in a playoff match for the title. In the tie-break match on May 24th Baden-Baden took its 12th title beating Solingen with 4.5-3.5.

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Games: Caruana-Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Maxime - Ragger, Anand-Van Wely, Svidler-Smeets, Wojtaszek-L'Ami, Adams-Predojevic, Bacrot-Andersen, Kasimdzhanov-Nikolic.

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