USA College Chess Final Four 2017

The USA College Chess Final Four 2017 starts on 25th of March at 10:00 CET.

The tournament will take place at New York, USA from 25th of March to 26th March 2017

System of play:
3 Rounds, 4 Team Round Robin

Tournament Rules
Teams Each team has four players and up to two alternates. Board order, based on March 2017 ratings (50-point transpositions allowed), is the same as for the Pan-American.

The President’s Cup is a Team Round Robin scored by total individual points. In the event of a tie, the teams are declared co-champions.
The following tie-breaking systems are for sole possession of the President’s Cup and will be applied in this order: 1.Total team match wins 2.Head-to-head outcome 3.Armageddon, or a 5-4 minute shootout: White must win with 5 minutes, and Black must win or draw with 4 minutes. There is no delay or increment time. Winner of a coin toss chooses color. Each team selects one team member to represent them.

Official Time Controls
Game 90 with a 30-second increment each move.

Schedule: UTC/GMT -4 hours EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)
Round 1 (March 25 – 10 am) Webster vs TTU; SLU vs UTD
Round 2 (March 25 – 5 pm) Webster vs UTD; SLU vs TTU Round 3 (March 26 – 9 am) Webster vs SLU; UTD vs TTU

Results of round 3

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