Chess Classics: Lasker-Capablanca

Emanuel Lasker had been world champion for 27 years, a record that still holds. He successfully defended the title, which he took over from Wilhelm Steinitz in 1894, in several matches.

The 1921 match, held from March 15 to April 27 in Havana, Cuba, was a long-awaited affair as Capablanca had challenged the world champion as early as 1911, after he surprisingly won the international tournament in San Sebastian that year.

The winner of the title match would be the first player to reach eight points, draws not counting. The time control was 15 moves per hour. After Capablanca had won game 14, the score was +4 -0 =10 in the Cuban's favor. At that point, Lasker gave up the match, and Capablanca was declared the new world champion.

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