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This year's Zurich Chess Challenge will take place between 13th and 19th February 2015. Together with the six players of the leading elite, there will join in a group of legendary personalities from the world of chess at the 4th edition of the "Zurich Chess Challenge 2015".

The GM's Nigel Short, Jan Rogers, Gennadi Sosonko and Ljubomir Ljubojevic will support GM Yannick Pelletier and IM Werner Hug as guest commentators in the worldwide live broadcast at www.zurich-cc.com/games.html.

The supporting programme features Sergej Karjakin who will be playing a simultaneous exhibition against representatives of the sponsors at the "Zunfthaus zur Saffran" on February 12th.

Furthermore, we are particularily looking forward to a Rapid Competition between the two famous chessplayers Viktor Kortchnoi and Wolfgang Uhlmann who both made a lasting impression on the chess scene at their height. They will celebrate their 84th and 80th birthday respectively in March 2015! This event will be held on February 15th (rounds 1 and 2) and February 16th( rounds 3 and 4), both days at 11am at the Hotel "Savoy Baur en Ville" and preceded by a short overview about the bygone chess history by the president of the "Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft", Paul Werner Wagner (Homepage Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft).


The Zurich Chess Challenge is one of the major recurring international chess tournaments. It takes place in Zurich, Switzerland.

Schachgesellschaft Z├╝rich has a long history dating back to 1809...
Zurich Chess Challenge - 205 years of chess history

You can see games from previous editions of Zurich Chess Challenge with computer analysis at ChessBomb:
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Players 2015

Vladimir Kramnik

Born 1975 in Tuapse/Russia;
Grandmaster 1992;
peak Elo rating: 2811;
actual Elo rating (as of 02-10-2010): 2783 and #8 on the current World ranking list.
World Champion 2000-2007

Hikaru Nakamura

Born 1987 in Hirakata, Japan;
Grandmaster 2003;
peak Elo rating: 2789;
actual Elo rating (as of 02-10-2015): 2776 and #10 on the current World ranking list.
US Champion: 2005, 2009, 2012
World Team Chess Championship: Individual Gold Medal for board 1, 2010

Viswanathan Anand

Born 1969 in Chennai/India;
Grandmaster 1988;
peak Elo rating: 2817
actual Elo rating: 2797 (as of 02-10-2015) and #6 on the current World ranking list.
World Champion 2007-2013
World Champion (FIDE) 2000-2002
FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion 2003

Fabiano Caruana

Born 1992 in Miami/Florida;
Grandmaster 2007 (youngest ever American to become a Grandmaster);
peak Elo rating: 2836
actual Elo rating (as of 02-10-2015): 2811 and #2 on the current World ranking list.
Italian Champion 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

Levon Aronian

aronianBorn 1982 in Yerevan, Armenia;
Grandmaster 2000;
peak Elo rating: 2830;
actual Elo rating (as of 02-10-2015): 2777 and #9 on the current World ranking list.
World Junior Champion: 2002
Chess Olympiad Gold Medal: 2006, 2008, 2010
World Team Chess Chamionship Gold Medal: 2011
Armenian Champion: 2002

Sergey Karjakin

karjakinBorn 1990 in Simferopol/Ukraine;
Grandmaster 2002;
peak Elo rating: 2788
actual Elo rating (as of 02-10-2015): 2760 and #12 on the current World ranking list.


Fri, February 13:
19:00 Opening Ceremony & Blitz
(for official guests only, but live transmission via the Internet)
Sat, February 14:
15:00 Round 1
Sun, February 15:
11:00 Rapid Games Kortchnoi - Uhlmann, round 1+2
15:00 Round 2
Mon, February 16:
11:00 Rapid Games Kortchnoi - Uhlmann, round 3+4
15:00 Round 3
Tue, February 17:
15:00 Round 4
Wed, February 18:
15:00 Round 5
Thu, February 19:
13:00 Rapid Tournament
19:00 Closing Ceremony

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