6th London Chess Classic: 6-14 Dec 2014

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Rapid | Elite Blitz | Elite Classic | Edouard vs. Jones

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Play a Superstar! Super Rapidplay Open (6-7 December 2014)

This year’s London Chess Classic offers a unique opportunity for a few amateur players to experience what it’s like to face a legend of the game in a genuine one-to-one tournament game.

Before the superstars cross swords with each other (10-14 December), the ‘Super Six’ are going to take part in the ten-round Super Rapidplay Open, over the weekend of 6-7 December, which is open to all to enter. The time limit is 25 minutes for all the moves, with ten-second increments. The first prize is £8,000.

6th London Chess Classic (6-14 December 2014): The Super Six

The 'Super Six' players who will compete in both the ten-round Super Rapidplay Open (6-7 December) and the five-round ‘Super Six’ classical chess tournament (10-14 December; rounds 1-3 start at 16.00 GMT, rounds 4-5 at 14.00 GMT)

There are many other events alongside the main tournament - check them out on the official website.

Elite players

Fabiano Caruana

Vishy Anand

Anish Giri

Hikaru Nakamura

Vladimir Kramnik

Mickey Adams


Super Rapidplay

Rounds 1-5: Saturday, 6th December, 12.00 - 19.50
Rounds 6-10: Sunday, 7th December, 12.00 - 19.50

Elite Blitz

Monday, 8th December, 19.00 - 22.30

Elite Classic

Wednesday, 10th December, 16.00
Thursday, 11th December, 16.00
Friday, 12th December, 16.00
Saturday, 13th December, 14.00
Sunday, 14th December, 14.00