FIDE Grand Prix Baku 2014 - live commentary

Watch FIDE Grand Prix Baku 2014 with computer analysis:
FIDE Grand Prix Baku 2014

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Live commentary by GM Alexander Delchev

After his record in Sinquefield cup gaining 35 ELO points starting with the unbelievable 7/7 followed by "only" 5/6 in Bilbao Club Championship, Caruana now is only 19 points behind the World's No. 1 Carlsen. Here in Baku he is proving again his progress - with 3.5/5 he is leading together with Gelfand. In his first four games Caruana had a thematic debate - and the subject was exchange sacrifice. Mamedyarov, Karjakin and Gelfand were trying to turn the logic of the games hoping to escape from the IRON Man, but only Gelfand with a bit of luck managed to claim a draw by perpetual.

Round 10: Dominguez-Caruana

Lenier Dominguez is having his nightmare tournament. With his first move he shows that he is not too ambitious today. He would like to avoid the immediate complications and just keep the game going. In the same time Caruana had very disappointing 3 rounds losing his games with Andreikin and yesterday against Grischuk in a quite painful way. So I expect he would be pressing to regain his leadership... See more

Round 9: Caruana-Grischuk

Caruana is repeating the opening line which brought him victory against Svidler in round 5. It is well known that Svidler and Grischuk are working together. So Caruana challenges both of them with this very sharp system... See more

Round 7: Andreikin-Caruana

I was surprised to see Andreikin playing 1.e4. He probably counted on 1...e5 hoping to get a slightly better and risk-free position in Spanish game - most probably Berlin. But I was twice more surprised to see Caruana playing Scandinavian. Later I checked in the database that he already played it twice in 2012 so it might not be such a big surprise for Andreikin... See more

Round 6: Caruana-Svidler

In this round Caruana faces Svidler with white when the other leader has a difficult game with black against Karjakin who I believe will try to get back on top. I believe that Svidler will bravely meet Caruana 1.e4 - with his beloved Sicilian Paulsen or Tajmanov although in their last game from Norway Chess Challenge he suffered a deadly attack already in the opening phase... See more

Watch LIVE FIDE Grand Prix Baku 2014 with computer analysis:
FIDE Grand Prix Baku 2014

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