Game of the day: Caruana-Carlsen at Sinquefield Cup 2014

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Sinquefield Cup 2014

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Today GM Alexander Delchev provides live commentary on the game of the day at Sinquefield Cup 2014 between Caruana with the record-breaking score of 7/7 and the World's number 1 Carlsen!

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GM Alexander Delchev:

Unbelievable! There is no other word to describe what is happening. No more records to beat for Caruana. Noone has ever done this before - seven wins in a row against the best chess players in the world. Today is Carlsen's turn... to put the end of this threatening score, to withstand the reputation of the whole chess world.

In the last game between them from the Tromso Olympiad Carlsen chose the highly suspicious opening - Scandinavian, where he gave his bishop pair to be able to build a bullet proof c6 and e6/d4 c4 pawn structure. Then somehow in the endgame he overplayed Caruana in his typical style.

Watch LIVE the Sinquefield Cup 2014 with computer analysis: Sinquefield Cup 2014

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