Expect the Second Festival of the ChessBomb Tour 2017

ChessBomb Tour 2017


Organizers: the chess portal ChessBomb.com and the Chess Club ChessBomb - Plovdiv
With the support of the municipalities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas


The chain will include four festivals. Each festival will include three qualification tournaments:
  • Tournaments of Group A - for international players with ELO> 2100
  • Tournaments of Group B - for players with an international ELO <2200
  • Tournaments of Group C - for children up to 16 years (born after 01.01.2001)  

The Festivals will be held according to the following schedule:
  • Festival I on 06.05.2017, in the town of Sofia - tournaments A1, B1, C1
  • Festival II on 03.06.2017, in the town of Plovdiv - tournaments A2, B2, C2
  • Festival III on 01.07.2017, in the town of Varna - tournaments A4, B4, C4
  • Festival IV on 05.8.2017, in the town of Bourgas - tournaments A3, B3, C3
  • Final tournament: 16 and 17.09.2017 in the town of Plovdiv.

In the Final tournament will take part those 20 chess players who ranked:
  • among the first 3 in one of the the tournament A1-A4 - 12 finalists;
  • first in one of the tournaments B1-B4 and C1-C4 - 8 finalists.

The 10 participants, invited by the organizers, will also take part in the Final tournament. They will be ten of the best chess players in the world chess elite. They will play with the participants in the Final tournament.

All 30 participants in the Final tournament will be awarded.

  • The tournaments of Group A will be for players with international ELO> 2100
  • The tournaments of Group B will be for players with an international ELO <2200
  • The tournaments of Group C will be for children up to 16 years (born after 01.01.2001)
  • The chess players with international ELO between 2100-2200 can choose in which tournament to take part.
The Festival I will be held in Sofia, in the garden in front of the National Theatre Ivan Vazov.
The Festival II will be held in Plovdiv, in the Tsar Simeon garden.

The right to participate in tournament A, B and C have all the players who declare their participation on the tournament on 03.06.2017 until 1.00 pm., and pay the tournament fee. Preliminary applications are accepted on email: aleksandar.delchev@gmail.com


10:00 am to 1:00 pm. - Registration of participants
1.00 pm - Announcing the participants for the three tournaments
1.30 pm - Technical Conference
2.00 pm - Opening of the Festival
2.15 pm - I Round
2.30 pm - II Round
3.00 pm - III Round
3:20 pm - IV Round
3.40 pm - V Round
4.00 pm - VI Round
from 4:20 pm. to 5:00 pm - Pause
5.00 pm - VII round
5.20 pm - VIII Round
5.40 pm - IX Round
6.00 pm - Closing Tournament C and awarding the winners
6.30 pm - X Round
7.00 pm - XI Round
7.20 pm - XII Round
7:40 pm - XIII Round
8.30 pm - Closing Tournaments A and B and awarding the winners

  • The tournament A will be held in 13 rounds following the Swiss system, according to the FIDE tournament rules and FIDE Regulation from 1.07.2014. (Appendix В. Bliz - В4). The playing couples will be determined using the Swiss Manager software.
  • The tournament B will be held in 11 rounds following the Swiss system, according to the FIDE tournament rules and FIDE Regulation from 1.07.2014 (Appendix В. Bliz - В4). The playing couples will be determined using the Swiss Manager software.
  • The tournament C will be held in 9 rounds following the Swiss system, according to the FIDE tournament rules and FIDE Regulation from 1.07.2014(Appendix В. Bliz - В4) . The playing couples will be determined using the Swiss Manager software.
The time control of all tournaments will be 5 minutes per player until the end of the game with the increment of three (3) seconds per move starting from the first.

The ranking of players whose finishing points are equal is determined by:
(A) The result of the games between players in the same group;
(B) Reduced Buchholz-1;
(C) Buchholz;
(D) Number of games won.


The Sofia Festival from the ChessBomb Tour 2017

ChessBomb Tour begun on 6th of May 2017. The first festival from the Chessbomb Tour 2017 was held in Sofia. The organization of a chain of chess tournaments, outside, in the central gardens of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas, is an unique initiative for Bulgaria. The main sponsor of the event was the ChessBomb portal. The goal of the ChessBomb community is the popularization of the chess game by broadcasting online chess events with real-time computer engine analysis, by organizing tournaments, by encouraging the in-school and after-school chess programs. The ChessBomb team (the chess portal Chessbomb.com and the chess club ChessBomb - Plovdiv) is striving to update and modernize the chess tournament standards. After returning the indoor chess tournaments to Bulgaria's chess calendar with Magura 2016, ChessBomb's enthusiastic team now brought the Bulgarian chess out into a summer chess tour.

IMG_1372 (1).jpg

It was a festive day - the day of saint George, a fest of the Bulgarian Army. After the official parade of the Bulgarian army a spectacular chess and cultural show was held in the garden in front of the National Theatre Ivan Vazov. Some moments of the event were shown on video screens and the play was accompanied by the sounds of a classical music.


The tournament was opened by the youngest Bulgarian deputy Teodora Halacheva.

Deputat IMG_1295.jpg

Joyful emotions brought the presence of the chess champion GM Antoaneta Stefanova. She became the "face" of the ChessBomb chain and patiently posed for pictures with all her fans, bringing unforgettable joy to many children and chess lovers.


The actor Yordan Danchev and Radoslav Atanassov, chess assistant from the National Sports Academy, constantly commented on the games and entertained the participants. Because of the forecast the organizers had provided tents to hide participants and audiences from the expected rainfall, but the weather was favorable and the rain stopped watching the chess parties.

Bob IMG_1314 (1).jpg

In the three tournaments of the Chess Festival: A - professionals (chess rating over 2100), B - amateurs (chess rating under 2200) and B - children (up to 16 years) took part almost 150 players from all ages. Many guests parents, coaches and chess fans watched the show and had fun. The Chess Race was held in 9 rounds on a Swiss system with 5 minute play control for competitor, with 3 seconds added.
Thanks to the sponsors - "Waffle Heli", "Lakima Balkan" and "Bachkovo" the participants were supported with mineral water and treats.


 In the breaks between the games was organised a funny lottery in wich the cosmetic company "Refan" presented gift sets. The Dance Ensemble Horce delighted the smallest participants with promotional souvenirs and dance vouchers. The Sofia taxi company "Taxi star" donated to all participants free trips.


The love of chess and the goodwill was dominant during the whole event. The chess players and judges received support from the participants in the parallel chess tournament on standard chess - The Chess Festival of the Generations - Sredets Cup.
The grandmasters' tournaments in group A were the most interesting and attractive to the public. 22 chess players took part in it. MM Radoslav Dimitrov won the tournament. GM Kiril Georgiev ranked second and third became GM Delchev. A special prize for a seinior won GM Peter Velikov, and a prize for a for 20 years participant won Vladimir Sergeyev Petrov.


The most numerous group was B - the amateur tournament in which 72 chess players took part.


The winner was MM Martin Petrov and the second place won Rossen Ilchov. The third place took Goran Krastev and the fourth was for Tsetsko Todorov. Emil Ivanov recieved the special prize "Senior". Prize received the "daoyen" in the garden - the 82-years-old Lazar Tsvetkov.
The first prize among women was won by Gabriela Antova and the second winner was Victoria Bukkeeva. First prize for chess players with a rating less than 1800 won Nikolay Cholakov. The second prize in this category was for Kaloyan Todorov.
In the most emotional group - Tournament B for children up to 16 years participated in 49 players.


Convincingly, with 8 points, Matthew Petkov took the big prize - a laptop. The second place and a smartphone won the 14-year-old Stoyan Orlinov Stoyanov with 7 points. The third place took the Plovdiv star and a multiple champion of Bulgaria - Victoria Radeva.


The chess player with best performance in the group to14 years was Elif Mehmed , Lachezar Kolev became first in the group to 12 years. In the group up to 10 years Svetlin Ivanov won with 5.5 points. All ypung chess players were awarded. they choose their prizes from an improvised gift bazaar. The pleasant surprises left everyone happy.


On the closing ceremony the municipal councilors Boris Tsvetkov and Kaloyan Pargov congratulated and awarded the winners. MM Tournaments Radoslav Dimitrov, MM Martin Petrov and Matthew Petkov received a chessBomb cup made by Artline Ltd. - Plovdiv.


The prize fund was impressive for a competition of such type - 6000 leva. The tournament was realized thanks to the Municipality of Sofia and the main sponsor - the international ChessBomb.com chess portal.


You can see more detailed results on http://www.chess-results.com/ and a event record on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia_nVK_NM9Y= In the final tournament, which will be held in Plovdiv during September, Radoslav Dimitrov, Kiril Georgiev, Alexander Delchev, Martin Petrov and Matthew Petkov will continue. They will be able to fight with ten of the best players in the world chess elite. The next tournament of the chain will be held on 03.06.2017 in Plovdiv, in Tsar Simeonovata gradina. After that battles are moving to the sea: Varna - 1st of July and Burgas - 5th of August 2017.