Introducing: Chess Classics

 Welcome to our time machine!

During these strange times, in which no (chess) events are taking place, ChessBomb will be relaying classic events from chess history.
The games of famous tournaments and matches will be shown, keeping a schedule of one round per day.
Let's start with events from the 19th century!

We started our series of Chess Classics with a historical event from 1970 - USSR vs. Rest of the World
Next, we are broadcasting the historic match from 1858 between Adolf Anderssen and Paul Morphy
Expect also:

  • The first official World Chess Championship match from 1886 between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort
  • World Chess Championship match from 1894 between Wilhelm Steinitz and Emanuel Lasker 1894
  • The Hastings 1895 chess tournament

As always, you can watch the games with computer analysis and discuss it on chat. Enjoy on ChessBomb.