New win for Topalov at the Sinquefield Cup 2015

Watch LIVE Sinquefield Cup 2015 with computer analysis: Sinquefield Cup 2015

Topalov is in the lead after a second win at the Sinquefield Cup 2015.

In round 2 ChessBomb provided Live commentary to the games Topalov - Nakamura (1-0) and Caruana - Carlsen (0-1).

Topalov improved his best live performance rating to 2827 after his win today:

Source: ChessDB Live Chess rating


Date Day Time
Event Location
21-Aug Friday Player Arrival
22-Aug Saturday 12:00 PM Autograph Session Kingside Diner
23-Aug Sunday 1:00 PM Round 1 Chess Club
24-Aug Monday 1:00 PM Round 2 Chess Club
25-Aug Tuesday 1:00 PM Round 3 Chess Club
26-Aug Wednesday 1:00 PM Round 4 Chess Club
27-Aug Thursday 1:00 PM Round 5 Chess Club
28-Aug Friday Rest Day
29-Aug Saturday 1:00 PM Round 6 Chess Club
30-Aug Sunday 1:00 PM Round 7 Chess Club
31-Aug Monday 1:00 PM Round 8 Chess Club
1-Sep Tuesday 1:00 PM Round 9 Chess Club
2-Sep Wednesday 12:00 PM Playoff Chess Club
3-Sep Thursday 1:00 PM Ultimate Moves Chess Club
4-Sep Friday Departure

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