Icelandic World Cup Qualifier 2021

The Icelandic Cup - 2021 World Cup Qualifier is held in Reykjavik, in March from 6th to 14th. 8 players are competing in a knockout format: GM Hjorvar Gretarsson (2578); GM Hannes Stefansson (2536); GM Johann Hjartarson (2525); IM Gudmundur Kjartansson (2483); GM Margeir Petursson (2450); GM Helgi Gretarsson (2440); GM Bragi Thorfinnsson (2439); FM Vignir Vatnar Stefansson (2330). The winner of the tournament will play in the World Cup later this year.
System of play: 2 classical games, then a tie-break of 2 rapid games, 2 shorter games, 2 blitz games and if needed finally an armageddon game.

Schedule in GMT :
06-March 14:00 Saturday Quarter Finals Game 1
07-March 14:00 Sunday Quarter Finals Game 2
08-March 17:00 Monday Quarter Finals Tie-break
09-March 17:00 Tuesday Semi Finals Game 1
10-March 17:00 Wednesday Semi Finals Game 2
11-March 17:00 Thursday Semi Finals Tie-break
12-March 17:00 Friday Final Game 1
13-March 14:00 Saturday Final Game 2
14-March 14:00 Sunday Final Tie-break

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