Altibox Norway Chess 2020

Altibox Norway Chess is taking place in Stavanger, Norway from 5th to 16th October. The tournament is featuring: Carlsen, Magnus; Caruana, Fabiano; Aronian, Levon; Duda, Jan-Krzysztof; Firouzja, Alireza; Tari, Aryan; 
System of play: 6-player double round-robin where every round consists of a classical game where a win is worth 3 points. If it's a draw an armageddon is played where the win worths 1.5 points and the loss 1 point.

Time control for classical games: 2 hours, with a 10-second increment per move only after move 40. 
The white player keeps his color for the Armageddon.
Time control for Armageddon games: White has 10 minutes and Black has 7 minutes with an increment of 1 second per move, starting from move 41

All classical games start at 15:00 UTC and the Armageddons 20 mins after the classical is drawn.
14.10 is a rest day.
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