Cairns Cup 2020

This year's edition of Inaugural Cairns Cup is an elite tournament for the top female players from around the world for one of the largest prize funds for an all-female tournament. The nine-round classical chess tournament, to take place from February 7th to 16th, hosted in the Saint Louis Chess Club, USA.
This year in the tournament is starring the women's world champion Ju, Wenjun

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Schedule in UTC:
Round 1    Feb 7, 2020    19:00 
Round 2    Feb 8, 2020    19:00 
Round 3    Feb 9, 2020    19:00 
Round 4    Feb 10, 2020    19:00 
Round 5    Feb 11, 2020    19:00 
Round 6    Feb 13, 2020    19:00 
Round 7    Feb 14, 2020    19:00 
Round 8    Feb 15, 2020    19:00 
Round 9    Feb 16, 2020    19:00

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