Live commentary in round 10 of Tata Steel 2016 by GM Petar G. Arnaudov

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1st RoundSat, 16 Jan
2nd RoundSun, 17 Jan
3rd RoundMon, 18 Jan
4th RoundTues, 19 Jan
5th (Challengers)Wed, 20 Jan
5th (Masters)**Thurs, 21 Jan (A'dam)
6th RoundFri, 22 Jan
7th RoundSat, 23 Jan
8th RoundSun, 24 Jan
Free dayMon, 25 Jan
9th RoundTues, 26 Jan
10th (Masters)**Wed, 27 Jan (Utrecht)
Free dayThurs, 28 Jan
11th RoundFri, 29 Jan
12th RoundSat, 30 Jan
13th RoundSun, 31 Jan
* All rounds start at 1.30PM, except the last round, that starts at 12:00 noon.
** Rounds in Amsterdam and Utrecht start at 2.00PM

Official website