Hammer goes for third title in Rilton Cup

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Jon Ludvig Hammer who beat Magnus Carlsen in Norway Chess lately will return to Rilton Cup in Stockholm and hunt for his 3rd title in a row. No one has managed that in Rilton's 45 year long history. Best so far is Radoslaw Wijtaszek with two wins 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 and a 2nd place 2009/2010.

Brief interview with Jon Ludvig Hammer (2677)

Hammer-Carlsen at NorwayChess 2013. Photo by Sigfred Haubro.

Christmas and New Year at Hotel Clarion Stockholm has become "Hammertime" the last years. What speaks for you to succeed take third straight title in Rilton Cup?

– I feel I'm getting better year by year.

Your win against Magnus Carlsen in Norway Chess made ​​headlines in the world of chess. How were your feelings immediately after the game? And now some weeks afterwards. What does the victory against Carlsen mean to you?

– It's always fun to beat the world champion, and it was especially exciting to get to do it at home ground.

Rilton is a long and grueling tournament. Do you get some assistance between rounds? By Carlsen maybe?

– I get along fine on my own, but the training sessions with Team Carlsen before the two World Cup matches have helped me of course.

Finally, what do you think it is that makes you so successful in Rilton Cup?

– There is no guarantee of success, but of course it helps to feel comfortable in a particular place with good memories from previous years.

Contact: Stockholms schackförbund, Tel: 08-669 36 54, 0736-13 19 73. E-post: stockholms.schackfrbund@telia.com
Ingemar Falk, ordförande Riltonkommittén. Tel: 073-644 63 05. E-post: ingemar.falk@mail.com

Participants in Rilton Cup 2015/16

1GMHammer Jon Ludvig1503707NOR2677
2GMTiviakov Sergei1008013NED2639
3GMSocko Bartosz1107038POL2624
4GMDonchenko Alexander24603295GER2567
5GMTikkanen Hans1706446SWE2529
6GMCramling Pia1700030SWE2512
7GMSocko Monika1106619POL2472
8GMÅkesson Ralf1700120SWE2428
9GMBellon Juan2200031ESP2364
10FMPercivaldi Martin1508148DEN2310
11FMArman Deniz6302106TUR2306

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