ChessBomb Premium Goes Live

We are proud to introduce for you several new features, in time for the Topalov-Anand World Chess Championship Match in Sofia 2010. First, rest assured - all our previous features remain free, just like before. However, starting today we are offering several new Premium features, for a small fee (as low as € 1.99 per month).

Here are the benefits available to the owners of our new Premium Accounts:
  • Advertisment-free interface.
  • Infinite analysis of the last played move. In this manner you can enjoy the full power of our preferred engine Stockfish (which is dethroning Rybka 3 from the top spot in various rating lists) with regular updates for the current position.
  • Unrestricted chat - premium accounts are not subject to the 10 messages per minute limitation.
  • PGN file download of every game.
See detailed comparison and upgrade your account here.